Indian restaurant in Rome

Our indian restaurant in Rome is one of the most popular and famous ethnic restaurant in the capital. Traditional Indian music, warm atmosphere, wooden furnishings and ornaments, characteristic scents: this restaurant is far more than a gastronomic experience.
The menu mainly offers dishes from northern India traditional cuisine, with a wide choice of mughlai or tandoori dishes. The mughlai cuisine, well widespread also in Pakistan, is particularly substantial and nutritious and presents lots of spices and Persian influences. The tandoori cuisine, instead, comes from Punjab; it presents a special cooking in the so called tandoor, an earthenware and clay oven that makes food lose most fats. The restaurant also presents fixed price menus, vegetarian menus or meat and fish based ones. The courses are served inside typical little pans, set at the centre of the table, from which each of the table companions picks their own portion up. As to the menu, there are delicious tandoori starters (try the fish tikka or the potato naan), vegetarian starters, soups served with naan tandoori (Indian bread), chicken or lamb or fish based dishes, dishes made with rice or bread (chicken or vegetarian bryani with yogurt and vegetable sauce).
And when it comes to desserts, don’t miss the exquisite kheer, a rice pudding aromatized with cardamom, and the rasgulla, cheese balls with rose syrup. And to conclude, don’t forget a cup of Indian tea or lassi, a refreshing drink with fruit and yogurt.
All dishes are made with fresh and natural ingredients, prepared with passion and care by the chef.
The local is large and welcoming, recreates with style an Indian environment and atmosphere.
In our restaurant the traditional Indian cuisine joins the famous hospitality of this wonderful country.
At our Indian restaurant in Rome you find an ethnic attractive alternative to traditional cooking and enjoy a high level of service in a luxuriously furnished.
So our indian restaurant in Rome is perfect if you want discover real indian cousine, sure that you’ll eat special dishes, made with natural ingredients and care by our chef.
Finally restaurant’s prices are cheap and profitable, this is another positive feature of restaurant.
We are waiting you to give you a special evening full of surprise and indian dishes.

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