Indian restaurant Rome

Indian cuisine has had in recent years a very large diffusion in Italy. Especially in big cities, like Rome, it’s is easy find many Indian restaurants. Not all restaurants offer real indian food and not all provide a quality service.
If you’re looking for an indian restaurant Rome, you have to come at our local.
We offer you famous dishes from all parts of India, carefully selected for you. The freshness and the quality of ingredients make each and every flavor work together to create wonderful combinations of dishes from our indian kitchen.
We add one magic ingredient to make all dishes: passion and love.
In our elegant restaurant we offer a distinctive dining experience, one that explores the nuances of the finest Indian cuisines, serving traditional and contemporary favourites.
The staff is helpful and professional and honors traditional Indian hospitality, welcoming costumers as if they were at home.
Our indian restaurant Rome is the place where India fascinating and mysterious fairness to our feet like a magic carpet. A well-kept environment, rich in atmosphere where you can enjoy fine Indian recipes in absolute tranquility.
The costumers can savor the taste of traditional Indian food while remaining at the centre of Rome.
The magic atmosphere of our restaurant will accompany the dishes that go to savor.
The local is large and welcoming, recreates with style an Indian environment and atmosphere.
Immersed in a background Indian music, you will be able to taste a variety of Indian dishes here. An exquisite and affordable experience is ensured with our originally prepared dishes that include genuine homemade Indian yoghurt and cheese. We take pride in catering for all: from those who have tried and tested Indian cuisine to those who are new to the experience.
So our indian restaurant Rome is perfect if you want discover real indian cousine, sure that you’ll eat special dishes, made with natural ingredients and care by our chef.
Finally restaurant’s prices are cheap and profitable, this is another positive feature of restaurant.
We are waiting you to give you a special evening full of surprise and indian dishes.